Ancillary Equipment

  • The GRP Catalyst Dispensers are ideal for use with difficult liquids and allow accurate safe measurement and dispensing.
    • Manufactured in-house from durable polyethylene
    • Allows accurate volume measurement
    • Single handed operation
    • Can be adapted for automatic repeat volumes by adjusting the plastic straw within the measuring chamber

    Available with or without lids, in 2 sizes and a range of colours

    • The lid prevents dust from entering the measuring chamber but is not suitable for transport (see picture)
    • Measuring chamber available in different colours, allowing for easy and safe distinguishing of different catalysts
    • Sturdy drum stand manufactured in-house
    • Diameter of metal tube: 25 mm
    • Perfect for applying resin in hard to reach areas
    • Easy to securely fix application rollers to the pole
    • Solvent resistant white bristle laminating brushes
    • Available with wooden or plastic handles
    • Spreader card for filler work, self releasing and can be re-used
    • Lightweight plain or serrated
    • Serrated with two types of notches – v-notch depth 2.5mm and trapezoidal depth 3.5mm for providing constant amount of filler
    • Helps to remove excess resin from resin application rollers
    • Easy handling, good value
  • Budget Range Scissors

    • High quality scissors made from hot-forged carbon steel
    • Good value for money
    • Suitable for :
      • Wallpaper
      • All other paper and card cutting activities

    Kevlar & Glassfibre Scissors

    • High quality specialist scissors made from hot-forged carbon steel
    • Xylan coated surface: low friction coating that avoids static charge thus preventing the material from sticking to the scissors blades
    • Modified grinding and setting of the upper blade, allows for a precise cut
    • Special side bent shaping enables the lower shear to rest permanently on the bench, allowing for easy and accurate cutting
    • It is not recommended that these scissors be used to cut more than one material (Glass fibre, Carbon fibre or Kevlar) If cutting both types of fibre, use one scissor exclusively on each of the three types of fibres
    • Scissors with shorter shears are especially suitable for cutting thicker material
    • Left handed available on request
    • Other sizes available on request
  • Specialist tool to apply wax fillet in moulds in order to form a radius. In comparison to our competitors’ products, our spheres are securely connected by an interference fit ensuring long lasting durability.
    • Available individually or as a set of 3

    Available in 3 different materials:

    • Brass with nickel plate
    • Plastic (Acetal) with stainless steel shaft
    • Stainless steel

    Available in 3 sizes:

    • Small - 6 & 10mm
    • Medium - 12 & 15mm
    • Large - 20 & 25mm
    • Plastic Demoulding Wedges to separate grp lay-ups from the mould.
    • Available in Rigid or Flexible.
    • Manufactured from PE Plastic.
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