Buckets & Mixing Cups

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Buckets & Mixing Cups

  • Sturdy plastic bucket used for mixing resin, foams etc.
  • Available with or without lid
  • If lids required, they can be purchased separately



Part No.Size
BKT1W1 Litre
BKT2W2.5 Litre
BKT5W5 Litre
BKT10W10 Litre

Bucket with lid

Part No.Size
BKT25W/L25 Litre


Part No.Suitable lid for
LD11 Litre Lid
LD22.5 Litre Lid
LD55 Litre Lid
LD1010 Litre Lid

Mixing Cups

Part No.Mixing Cup
MXC600600ml Mixing Cup
MXLD600600ml Lid Only