Budget Range Scissors

  • High quality scissors made from hot-forged carbon steel
  • Good value for money
  • Suitable for :
    • Wallpaper
    • All other paper and card cutting activities

Kevlar & Glassfibre Scissors

  • High quality specialist scissors made from hot-forged carbon steel
  • Xylan coated surface: low friction coating that avoids static charge thus preventing the material from sticking to the scissors blades
  • Modified grinding and setting of the upper blade, allows for a precise cut
  • Special side bent shaping enables the lower shear to rest permanently on the bench, allowing for easy and accurate cutting
  • It is not recommended that these scissors be used to cut more than one material (Glass fibre, Carbon fibre or Kevlar)
    If cutting both types of fibre, use one scissor exclusively on each of the three types of fibres
  • Scissors with shorter shears are especially suitable for cutting thicker material
  • Left handed available on request
  • Other sizes available on request


CategoryPart No.ShapeLength of the shears
BudgetSC8Angled203 mm
SC12Normal305 mm
KevlarSCK8Normal203 mm
SCK10Angled254 mm
Glass fibreSCG10Angled254 mm

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