• Plastic Demoulding Wedges to separate grp lay-ups from the mould.
  • Available in Rigid or Flexible.
  • Manufactured from PE Plastic.


CategoryPart No.Description
Flexible (Black)WDG35-95FBMini Wedge 95 x 35mm Flexible Black
WDG55-125FBSmall Wedge 125 x 55mm Flexible Black
WDG75-175FBLarge Wedge 175 x 75mm Flexible Black
WDG35-210FBLong Wedge 210 x 35mm Flexible Black
Flexible (Yellow)WDG35-95RYMini Wedge 95 x 35mm Rigid Yellow
WDG55-125RYSmall Wedge 125 x 55mm Rigid Yellow
WDG75-175RYLarge Wedge 175 x 75mm Rigid Yellow
WDG35-210RYLong Wedge 210 x 35mm Rigid Yellow


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