Bristle Brush Roller

Bristle Brush Roller

The Bristle Brush Rollers are manufactured from natural bristles in a spiral construction and have a push-fit fixing.

  • The bristles penetrate the laminate allowing for a smooth finish
  • Suitable for uneven and curved surfaces
  • Very effective at eliminating small air bubbles and pin-holes
  • Specially suitable for thin laminates, carbon fibres and epoxy resins
  • Push-fit rollers enables fast removal of the refill from the handle
  • Resistant to almost all cleaning agents


Part No.Length x Diameter
Complete Roller
BBCP22-050/BBQ50 x 22 mm
BBCP22-100/BBQ100 x 22 mm
BBCP22-150/BBQ150 x 22 mm
BBCP28-050/BBQ50 x 28 mm
BBCP28-100/BBQ100 x 28 mm
BBCP28-150/BBQ150 x 28 mm
BBRP22-05050 x 22 mm
BBRP22-100100 x 22 mm
BBRP22-150150 x 22 mm
BBRP28-05050 x 28 mm
BBRP28-100100 x 28 mm
BBRP28-150150 x 28 mm
Wire Frame
050/BBQ50 mm Bristle Roller Handle
100/BBQ100 mm Bristle Roller Handle
150/BBQ150 mm Bristle Roller Handle


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