Steel Bolt Roller

Steel Bolt Roller

GRP Steel Bolt Rollers are manufactured in-house with vertical grooves in the shape of a screw and have a secure screw fixing.

  • Easy to clean and particularly robust
  • Also available in small sizes and on a long reach wire for the most detailed, delicate work
  • Special shape of the roller allows even distribution of resin pushing air bubbles out along the length of the roller
  • Resistant to almost all cleaning agents


Part No.Length x Diameter
BR06-025/EN325 x 6 mm
BR06-030/EN330 x 6 mm
BR06-040/EN340 x 6 mm
BR06-050/EN350 x 6 mm
BR10-050/ENT50 x 10 mm
BR10-070/ELT70 x 10 mm
BR10-100/ELT100 x 10 mm
BR12-050/ENT50 x 12 mm
BR12-070/ELT70 x 12 mm
BR12-100/ELT100 x 12 mm
BR15-050/ENQ50 x 15 mm
BR15-070/ELQ70 x 15 mm
BR15-100/ELQ100 x 15 mm
BR15-140/ELQ140 x 15 mm
BR20-050/ENQ50 x 20 mm
BR20-070/ELQ70 x 20 mm
BR20-100/ELQ100 x 20 mm
BR20-140/ELQ140 x 20 mm


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