V-Roller (Bubble Buster)

V-Roller (Bubble Buster)

GRP Bubble Buster Rollers are manufactured in-house from aluminium extrusion and have a secure screw fixing. It combines the advantages of the paddle roller with those of the finned roller.

  • The same profile as the paddle roller but with a V-notch
  • Reduces the amount of spray thus providing a consistent finish without air bubbles
  • Allows flexible movement of fibre
  • Available with a long reach wire for hard to reach areas
  • Resistant to almost all cleaning agents


Part No.Length x Diameter
PV15-050/ENT50 x 15 mm
PV15-070/ENT70 x 15 mm
PV15-100/ENT100 x 15 mm
PV15-140/ENT140 x 15 mm
PV21-050/ENQ50 x 21 mm
PV21-070/ENQ70 x 21 mm
PV21-100/ENQ100 x 21 mm
PV21-140/ENQ140 x 21 mm
PV21-180/ENQ180 x 21 mm
PV21-225/SHQ225 x 21 mm
PV45-050/ENQ50 x 45 mm
PV45-070/ENQ70 x 45 mm
PV45-100/ENQ100 x 45 mm
PV45-140/ENQ140 x 45 mm
PV45-180/ENQ180 x 45 mm
PV45-225/SH8225 x 45 mm

Long Reach Version

Part No.Length x Diameter
PV15-070/ELT70 x 15 mm
PV15-100/ELT100 x 15 mm
PV21-070/ELQ70 x 21 mm
PV21-100/ELQ100 x 21 mm
PV21-140/ELQ140 x 21 mm

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