Midi Roller

The Midi Rollers are specially developed for the GRP industry to apply resins and gel-coats and have a push-fit fixing.

  • The materials are heat bonded onto a polypropylene shaft
  • Resistant to almost all cleaning agents
  • Push-fit connection to enable fast removal of the roller from the handle

Available in two different materials:

  • Long Pile – Blue stripe Polyester hair: 14 mm (Ideal for applying resin)
  • Short Pile – Velour hair: 4 mm (Ideal for applying top coat/gel coat)


CategoryPart No.Length x Diameter
Long Pile Refill (14 mm) – Blue stripeMBSR-100/6100 x 30 mm
Short Pile Refill (4 mm) – VelourMVR-100/6100 x 30 mm

Length of frame
Wire Frame
100/RS6260 mm – Short
100/RN6295 mm – Normal
100/RL6395 mm – Long
100/RX6475 mm – Extra Long

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